Mount Auburn Street Bus Priority Pilot

The City of Cambridge, the Town of Watertown, and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) are collaborating on a bus priority pilot funded by a grant from the Barr Foundation. The pilot included elements of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on Mount Auburn Street west of Fresh Pond Parkway, serving the MBTA Routes 71 and 73, as well as shuttles and emergency vehicles, and will remain in place during evaluation and improvements, informing any longer-term design for the corridor.

The pilot began in October 2018 and will continue throughout the fall and winter. Painted bus-only lanes dedicated to buses and shuttles, and other changes, have been implemented along with the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s short-term intersection improvements at Coolidge Avenue and Fresh Pond Parkway. The intended outcomes of the pilot are to make bus and shuttle service faster and more reliable on Mount Auburn Street, while making safety enhancements for other users and better organizing the flow of traffic overall.

More information about the pilot, including a fact sheet, is available on the City of Cambridge's website.