Mount Auburn Street Traffic Simulation

This simulation model was created using a traffic modeling software (VISSIM) to represent how multimodal traffic through the Coolidge Square Business District may operate. The simulation is based on projected traffic data and proposed traffic signal timing to visualize overall traffic operations, delay, and queue lengths at the preliminary design level. 

In more detail

  • The simulation includes the intersections of Mount Auburn Street with Bigelow Avenue and Arlington Street as well as a reconfigured Arlington Street/Grove Street intersection.

  • It shows projected average traffic volumes between the hours of 4:50 PM and 5:15 PM in the year 2040 based on the lane assignments from the proposed road diet. 

  • The signalized intersections are based on timings calculated in the preliminary analysis of the corridor (not based on current conditions). 

  • The stop lines at the signalized intersections are color-coded based on the applicable signal phase (red/green).

  • At the beginning of the simulation, you will see a bus traveling westbound on Mount Auburn Street through the Arlington Street intersection and stopping at the relocated bus stop in front of the gas station. The bus is able to pull out of the flow of traffic allowing passenger cars to safely navigate around the bus.