Current Design Recommendations

The Town of Watertown is in the process of refining the design of the Mount Auburn Street corridor. The project team has analyzed segments of the corridor based on their different transportation needs, varying land use and unique character. 

Draft Conceptual Roll Plans

Download the corridor-wide draft conceptual roll plan for more details:

  • Roll Plan - updated with legend on January 23, 2019; design last modified October 30, 2018

The project team has revised the previous plans based on public comments and the feedback received after the July 10 presentation to the Town Council. These minor modifications include:

  • Changed the configuration of the Bigelow Avenue intersection

  • Added symbols clarifying the locations of proposed traffic signals and rapid flashing beacons

  • Updated dashed lane markings on Mt. Auburn Street eastbound approaching the Common Street intersection

  • Included a concrete landing at the Bates Road westbound bus stop

  • Addition of “do not block intersection” markings (Stearns Road, Spruce Street, Bigelow Avenue)

  • Removal of short segments of double yellow centerline markings on local roads intersecting Mt. Auburn Street

  • Restriping of Boylston Street eastbound approach

  • Extension of the Chauncey Street limit of work to meet Hosmer School project

  • Inclusion of Kimball Road edge lines

Previous conceptual plans and supporting materials can be found on the Documents page.